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In the News | 1-15 May 2010

Thanks to friends, colleagues and tweeters for their news links  and to the invaluable news round up from the Women's Funding Network. Don't forget to check out Marie-Eve's French "Dans les nouvelles" - there's lots going on there too!

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Dans les nouvelles... En français!

Plusieurs sujets chauds dans l’actualité ces derniers temps. En vrac: filles, femmes, littérature, spectacles, initiatives, rose, débat sur l'avortement, anniversaire pilule, taxi, Yvettes, Authentik, drag king, homophobie...

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Social Media extravaganza!

Social Media…two words that are on everybody’s mouths these days.

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In the News | 15 April - 1 May 2010

Thanks to friends and colleagues for their news links and a big thanks to Valérie for her French news stories and to the invaluable news round up from the Women's Funding Network.


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La communauté Filles d'action en mode 2.0!

Afin de maintenir l’énergie et poursuivre les conversations entamées lors de nos activités et de nos rassemblements à travers le pays, nous avons décidé de rehausser notre site Internet et de passer en mode 2.0!


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Mental Health Week: Who is missing?

Girls' adolescence is marked by a steady decline in mental health; girls’ stress levels increase while their confidence, self-esteem and satisfaction with their lives decrease. For many of us this gender disparity may not sound alarming, because, well, aren't all teenage girls sulky?
The fact that collectively we have not yet addressed the declining mental health of girls should sound an alarm bell.

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Web 2.0: The Girls Action Community is Amped Up!


You wanted Girls Action to help you keep the momentum and energy from our annual trainings, retreats and gatherings going throughout the year, and we heard you! Our website has gone 2.0 and is amping up the National Network like never before.

What does Web 2.0 mean?

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Self-Care, Self-What?

In addition to my work at Girls Action, I coordinate Rock Camp for Girls Montreal along with a few other lovely people. To help our organizing, we recently went to the Girls Rock Camp Alliance (GRCA) annual conference.

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Changer le monde, un bien grand défi!

D’une part, nous sommes constamment bombardées d’images dans notre quotidien! Ainsi, «nous serions exposés chaque jour à environ 1.200 à 2.200 publicités» sous formes de photos, vidéos  et par Internet.

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IN THE NEWS I AUX NOUVELLES - Mars 15-31 March 2010

Mars 15-31 March 2010

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